The ultimate very beginner’s guide to Social Media marketing

Here I am, sharing tips and tricks on how to plan and manage your Social Media adventure and I’m still a complete newbie in it!

If you are a seasoned adventurer, STOP READING RIGHT NOW! Cause this post isn’t for you, even if I do admire you a lot, you are way over these baby steps 😉 OR PLEASE STAY and help us by sharing your wisdom, knowledge and everything you want to share 😉 You know of much we admire you!

BUT, if you are trying to swim your way to the shore and feeling most of the times out of breath, I think, and I hope that this calendar that I made up for myself will at least gives you the motivation needed to continue and helps you find your own ways to do things! We all need to make a first step and most of the times, we imitate and copy what seems to work for others before adjusting our own moves, right?!

Ok so let’s start! This is my all new and improved pattern, already saw some results in the last week! Some things are already strongly implanted, others I’m still working on… Bits and pieces from everything I gathered around the web that seems to be good for us!


  • 2-3 comments per day
  • 1 follow per day
  • Use Pinterest to get tons of blogging ideas, think outside of the box!
  • I used to post once a week, on Sundays but I’m giving it a try this week with a middle week post… Let’s see!


  • For our needs, posting at night is giving us the most results. Whatever I’m posting during daytime reaches half the people I can get on evenings.
  • 1-3 posts per day
  • Have a weekly theme and stick to it all week long
  • Max 2 products pics per day, don’t overdo it! (last haul, feature, promos, reminders…)
  • Everyday has a complement too: sharing a blog post, side project, sharing about passions, shop update…
  • On weekends, focus on a more personal approach: celebrating Saturdays, relaxing Sundays, readings… (show your human side!)
  • 2 new accounts to follow per day
  • Engage engage engage!

Facebook (brand new page!)

  • 1 post per day is enough
  • Always Call-To-Action
  • Try to not focus on products on this media…
  • Share motivational quotes, some pins from our Pinterest account, link to our blog posts, links to some diy tips related to our niche…
  • Weekends are for events, gatherings and activities we attended to
  • At least 2 comments per day on other accounts
  • At least 5 likes per day on other accounts
  • At least 1 new account to follow everyday
  • Engage engage engage!


  • 5-10 tweets per day
  • Focus on personal tweets vs business tweets (ratio 5:2)
  • 1 product tweet per day
  • At least 1 tweet related to business per day (could be about us, sharing a link from the web, a retweet, sharing tips…)
  • Each day has its theme so it’s easier for me to be consistent and not all over the place! (Motivation Monday, Tuesday Thoughts, Wednesday Wisdom…)
  • At least 5 new accounts to follow everyday
  • At least 2 retweets per day
  • Take time to personally thank each and every new followers


  • Minimum 10 pins per day, aiming for 20
  • Follow 1 new board per day
  • Create 1 new pin per day (from the shop, from Instagram, from the blog…)
  • Pin every single images that we are using in every single board they can relate to
  • Great quality images only
  • Create 1 new board per week and tweet about it
  • Pin our blog posts
  • Best Pinterest traffic: between 8 am and 11 am on Saturday mornings
  • Early mornings and late nights are also good for us
  • Create boards related to your niche and the interests of your target clientele, stay focus but think big!

Well, I think that sums it all… I still have a lot to learn but I think that it’s a good plan to start somewhere… and adjust… and improve…!

What is your best strategy? What was the move you made that changes everything in one specific media or all of them!

From a newbie to newbies, have a wonderful day! And to you too Social Media gurus! 😉 And if you liked what you read, pin it, tweet it, share it!

Now, let’s connect! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “The ultimate very beginner’s guide to Social Media marketing

    1. Oh yes it is! I really tried to do it on the spot or to go with the flow and I was spending like HOURS on social media, all over the place without knowing what to really do or how to do it! I know my very beginner plan will change over time and that I will win my medals but for now, I can breathe and most important, Im having fun!!! Thanks for stopping by, much appreciated! Fa


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