6 tips for a vintage eclectic boho decor on a budget!

Let’s be honest… I’ve been thinking about my weekly blog post all.week.long… Complete lack of inspiration, way too busy at editing our product listings to make them easier to read… 65 products listed, 65 descriptions to work on…

Better have realized it all, NOW and not after 200 listings, lolll!

So when Sunday arrived, Sunday being the official blogging day for Isis Vintage Bazaar, I stressed all day in front on a blank page that refused to get filled in…

Tried everything to find inspiration!

And Monday came…


So while I was sitting here in the middle of my favorite room in the house, I got this wonderful idea of sharing how to get that vintage eclectic boho look that I love so much, ON A BUDGET and IN 6 STEPS!

  1. Prefer thrifted pieces over classical pieces of furniture from giant stores. Mix and match everything, think outside of the box! Example: we got rid of our huge L-shaped sofa for 2 chairs. 1 of them is from a Thrift store, all real leather, amazing green color and perfect condition for 80$ 🙂 You can see it here: Leather chair
  2. Think texture, comfy, cozy! Go wild and bold! We add a long hair vibrant red rug on the floor and tons of cushions… Big oversized cushions! We kept the ones that we bought with our former sofa, added 2 that we were not using anymore in our bedroom, 2 bean bags and 2 huge squares floor pillows…
  3. Throws throws throws! I had 2 Mexican colorful blankets that were hiding in the closet, too bold for our former classical decor that I was extremely pleased to get out and use! 1 is sitting on the green chair with 2 completely different cushions (see the pic above, they are shown there with the blanket) and the other one is just laying everywhere, waiting to be picked up by someone in need of a little cozy wrap!
  4. Create nooks! We use one of the oversized floor pillow as a seat and added a huge cushion covered with a throw from the closet (!) as a back. Next to it there is…
  5. Upcycle! Four wooden crates, quickly painted in white, fixed together as a low shelving unit on which we screwed a beautiful (and blue! Think color!) vintage adjustable lamp from the thrift store and plants… Lots of plants! See the whole corner here: Handmade unit and reading corner
  6. And then what? Eye candies! Some boho pieces for their colorful & positive vibes (dreamcatcher, painting, positive quotes, candles, flowers…), favorite meaningful pieces that you harvested among years and vintage accessories (preaching for our own parish but you can find amazing vintage original and exclusive stuff at IVB! Click here to discover our ever growing list of vintage goodies! Isis Vintage Bazaar)

BAM! You got your different, original, eclectic room filled with YOUR own vibes without spending tons of money! With handly picked treasures that speaks to your heart, spirit and soul 😉 I had to insert it there!

We made the switch a couple of months ago and we just LOVE our new family room!  Comfy, cozy, with lots of different places to lay and relax!

Now if I could keep some vintage stuff for ourselves… Thinking about this wicker magazine rack, this green vase, this beaded curtain, these wood carved African figurines… 😉

Pssst! If you are not already following us on Instagram and you love home decor inspiration, give a try to the 2 accounts mentionned above, you might fell in love! The first one is the official account of IVB and the second one is mine 🙂 See ya!



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