Finding inspiration…

I’m a nester, definitely. I can’t feel good somewhere if I didn’t take time to deeply invest in the decor, the functionality and the vibes of it.

When we decided to open the boutique, I didn’t realize how much creativity it will demand to list vintage curated goods 😉

Then, what starts as a cute little project turns into a huge passion…

I needed to find inspiration for amazing photography and as you might have already realized, we are more of a lifestyle-full-of-plants type! Need ideas, lots of ideas!

Then comes Instagram… And this Blog… And Twitter… And Pinterest… And recently, Facebook and all these requires different images, different posts, different styles… Really required a Social Media planner so the organization freak in me could breathe 😉

And by opening all these creativity doors, guess what? I feel the huge need of creating stuff, loll! All the different little seeds of ideas that were sleeping somewhere deep inside me just woke up, lolll! So there came side projects!

Right now, I’m working in partnership with daughter #2 to create jewelry made from recycled adornments… We have 2 different collections, 1 is a combination of nature finds mixed with recycled pieces and the other one is more rough, boho style. We are preparing our official launch by the beginning of fall and we needed a space where we can relax and find inspiration, a place to let our mojo flow 🙂 A place that can also welcome my first steps into the sewing world, lolll!

This is where Hubby skills for upcycling and repurposing came in and where this fabulous creativity corner take place!

Welcome to Isis Vintage Bazaar HQ, welcome in our studio!

Where it’s all about creating an inviting space where comfort rhymes with stimulation…

Where it’s all about feeling at home and confident, surrounded by little things that makes you happy…

Where wherever you lay your eyes, you have this feeling of this is me, this is who I am



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