Give me a I, give me a V, give me a B; it’s all about branding, baby!

This last week was all, and I really mean ALL about branding and finding a way to add finishing touches to our packages! After hours on Pinterest (so grateful for this time comsuming machine!) and tons of notes, I think Im finally happy with how everything ends up! I think… 😉

We printed our logo by dozens so we can now use them when we are preparing our shipment (marketing!)

Working space Isis Vintage Bazaar

Working it up!

We went from straight handwritten thank you cards to this little cute thing still containing a handwritten note (with our logo at the bottom of it from now on) but also 2 coupons made from scratch: 1 is a Thank You discount and the other, a Review reminder 😉


The Mug 😉


Thank you thank you thank you!

We are currently in the process of tagging ALL our inventory with handmade handwritten tags from scratch and lots of LOVE…


Prepared with LOVE!

And we bought bold colorful tissue paper to add a bit of WOW to our packaging 😉

Of course, little handmade gifts are still included in boxes! Just because they make us happy!

This is really us now: bold, colorful and made from scratch, lots of love and a funny attention to details 🙂 Will you be the lucky one to unwrap one of our packages? 🙂

Have a wonderful week,

Fa – IVB


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