What’s new Scooby Doo?

Well… Let’s brag a little bit 😉

We are working hard on our brand and our images… We found amazing ideas to complete our current shop, based on creation and handcrafting… We got our first review (5 stars!!!) on Etsy :)))) We got 50 more followers on Instagram in 3 days and reached another hundred visits in the shop…

We are beyond happy!

Next step? Marketing, always marketing! Having fun (as always) and not forgetting to take care of our plants 😉 Time flies when you love what you do!

We still have so many beautiful things to photoshoot, only 1/3 of our inventory is online 🙂 And flea markets season is starting as well as yard sales ones… And we found a huge amazing spot with so many beautiful pieces at a couple of hours from here so we are planning a shopping trip soon…!

What else? We try to stick to the posting schedule 😉

… And END up, WRAP up, CLOSE up a school year… So we can really focus lolll!



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