Treasures hunters forever

Last weekend there was a huge neighborhood flea market in one on the most occupied street of the surroundings… I think every.single.person in town was over there trying to make a safe (!) way through an ocean of people… And we were there, with our hunting suits, tracking, hoping to find some treasures that nobody noticed…

This is our fuel!

For these old things that no ones stopped by, we were there…

For this rare piece that was standing at the corner of a table, we were there…

For this souvenir from a 30 years ago trip that was time to get rid of, we were there…

For these old toys that can’t stand next to all new electronical gadgets, we were there…

For this vintage dishes passed along generations but been put aside for the glory of newer modern material and patterns, we were there…

For everything that deserve a second, a third or even a fourth life, we are just right there, with our big smiles, our thrill and our happiness to share with you what we just found!

Treasures hunters forever!




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