Premium packaging lesson 101

We made our first sale!!!

And we had to do our first extra careful packaging cause you know, it went to another country! So this is when Claude Tetris skills jumped in the game 😉 And it was perrrrrrfect!

We are proud to say that we took really seriously the way we are wrapping up your purchases and for us, there is no such little thing that didn’t worth a PREMIUM packaging. You can shop in confidence, we will do more than our best to protect your vintage treasure so it will arrive in time and in perfect shape!

Let’s say that we are shipping away some beautiful vintage ironstone pieces, handmade… Here’s your chance to learn more about our shipping preparation and we hope that you will keep that in mind when shopping with us!

So here’s some lessons from the Premium packaging course that we graduated of (kidding!), well one of us did, the other wasn’t ever really good playing Tetris (seriously!)… 😉


  • You shall always make sure that you have the right size box for your precious item… Almost squeeze it!

We commit to use the smallest box possible, it’s easier for us to handle yes but as customers ourselves, we know that it’s not fun to receive a big box almost empty and we also know that it increases the risks of damaging goods… And nobody likes to go from the excitement of unpacking a parcel to the huge disappointment of finding our Precious in bits and pieces…

Bringing up to our next lesson…


  • Don’t let your item lay directly on the bottom of the box… Protect every.single.item…

Bubblewrap, the word is saying it all… And don’t let them near hands that doesn’t have anything to do cause ya know, these little popping bubbles are so addictive… 😉

We have a huge box of styrofoam shells, like a giant box… A really big one, loll! Better use them as a bed for our products, a fluffy comfy bed that will protect everything from bouncing… EVEN if we are not huge fan of this not eco-friendly product, we are proud to say that we didn’t buy them but instead, recycled them from a little shop close by. Re-using is as much important than recycling 😉


  • You shall always make sure that your item won’t move in any matter, won’t move from one side to the other, won’t move up and down…

This is where we use foam again… We know, BUT again, it’s recycled pieces from shops around us, RE-USING RE-USING RE-USING! On piece each side of the box for extra cushioning and well, another one piece on top…


  • You shall always keep an eye on what you use at home that you can… re-use…!  As online shop owners, we are lucky to be able to control what we use and what we buy as basic materials… We don’t work with other’s stuff and decisions, better make good ones! One earth… One chance…

Did you know that eggs crates are awesome for finishing up a packaging? We have a bunch of kids (yep, 7!) and we buy eggs in large, very large quantity… This is us re-using again cause you know, we are trying hard to think twice about how we do things, what we really need and how we can stay eco-friendly as much as possible!

So, feeling safe to receive a shipment from our far far away beautiful Quebec city in Canada?

Go for it, you won’t regret it on top of it, you’ll make us happy loll 😉

Thanks for reading!

Oh, did I say that we had our first sale?! 😉



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