When the mess calls for the best

Life is good… We were online shopping for packaging goods when we luckily found a generous business right next door that was giving away 20 cubic feet of packaging stuff… Yep, all that! So first pic is while we unloaded everything and felt so grateful for this gift from life and second pic was AFTER we needed to reorganize all our inventory so we could see our way through the room and don’t feel to desperate, lolll!

Okay, I must admit that hubby was super duper confident that every single piece of Styrofoam and wrapping products will fit in our tiny storage room and as a rational guy, he had a perfect reorganization plan in mind… He just needed to move stuff around a bit and needed me to have faith 😉

As the emotional one, I was simply panicking, lolll!

Well, he was right. As usual… ALMOST! 😉

I’m now in awe everytime I entered our storage room; we know what we have and where it is, we can categorize our inventory, we have room for new stuff that is not ready to display yet AND we have lots of packaging that will be so useful to carefully send our, your precious goods all the way to your door!

Life is good, Im telling you!…

Now on to cardboard boxes, packing tape, thank you cards, you know the usual grocery list 😉




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